The Magic of
Curl Rhythm

A community of women connected by the texture of their hair.

The Science of Curls

The Science of Curls

We listen to what women wanted when it came to caring for textured hair. Their feedback across this community could not have been more clear.

  • It had to nourish hair to reduce breakage and increase definition
  • It had to help hair regain its healthy look and maintain those qualities over time
  • It had to be simple to use and save time
  • It had to work on different types of hair all at once
  • It had to have salon quality, accessible and affordably priced
Nourishing Curls

Nourishing Curls

Too often great textured hair products are simply not accessible to all those that need them. In Curl Rhythm, we have designed a line with a foundation in natural ingredients and effectiveness driven by science. This unique complex of ingredients quenches parched hair, rejuvenates waves and curls with definition, and ensure superior moisture across the line.

It moisturized and cleansed my hair leaving it smooth and not stripped.

What makes our product so great


Curl Care made affordable

Taking care of curly hair can be hard and expensive but it shouldn’t have to be. At Curl Rhythm we created a product line that brings back moisture, bounce, and healthy hair for just $6. Using clean, performance ingredients that focus on curly hair needs allowed us to create something magical.


Results you want to see

Want popping curls? We’ve got you! After just one wash with Curl Rhythm, your hair will feel more moisturized and have the full-body look your curls needed. 9 out of 10 women saw immediate results that they loved and couldn’t imagine using anything else.


Ingredients Matter

What you put into your hair matters and can affect the results you see. We made a conscious effort to create products that are free from silicones, sulfates & parabens. We also used all-natural ingredients that are made for hair like baobab, coconut oil, and shea butter.


How do I get my own?

Shop in-store exclusively at Dollar General where our full product line can be found.